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Turn in a Tax Cheat

As part of the recent initiative to collect more of the taxes that the government is owed, the IRS has revamped an existing program to prevent businesses and individuals from evading taxes or receiving fraudulent refunds.  The IRS Whistleblower Office oversees the “turn in a tax cheat” program, which has recently been amended to allow for rewards in a wider variety of situations.  Previously, if a whistleblower’s tips resulted in a business or individual paying additional taxes, he or she could … [Read more...]


    2011 TAX SEASON KICKOFF    2011 Tax Season Deadline Extended to April 18  Taxpayers Impacted by Recent Tax Breaks Can e-file Starting Mid to Late February  Prepared to e-file all your personal and business taxes.  1040EZ special for $25! This offer is for one W2, one state return, and full e-filing.  Other great rates for more complex tax returns.  Other accounting and business services available to help enhance your tax needs.   NEW OFFICE LOCATION   Acuity ABS has a new … [Read more...]

2011 Tax Cut Summary

In early December, President Obama and the Congressional Republicans struck a deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, which were set to expire at the end of 2010.  Except for where stated, these are renewed for 2 years.  What will this decision mean for you?  Here is a great summary: Payroll Taxes Payroll taxes have been cut by 2% for all American workers, meaning instead of paying 6.2% on your wages, you will only have to pay 4.2% for tax year 2011.  (Perhaps consider applying this unexpected 2% … [Read more...]